• Instructor: Patricia Jones RN BSN
    Course Taught: Nursing Fundamentals
    Contact Information: PEJones@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    Welcome to Nursing Fundamentals.  We will work together to create a valuable learning experience. I am sure you want to be successful in your Health Science classes and look forward to helping you meet the challenge. Come to class everyday prepared to participate with completed assignments, respectful behavior and practiced skills and you will be successful.  I look forward to sharing your enthusiasm every day!
    Nursing Fundamentals is designed for students planning to obtain their Nurse Aide 1 certification in the state of North Carolina. The program at the Career Center is approved by the state. Upon satisfactory completion of the course, students  are eligible to take the nurse aide 1 certification exam. Passage of this exam lists the applicant on the NC Registry for Nurse Aide 1, showing  eligiblity for employment.
    I have taught in the Health Science curriculum for the past seven years. Prior to that I was a Nursing Instructor in an ADN program for 5 years. My nursing experience is primarily hospital based for 33 years. My work in Health Science education is very challenging and rewarding. I enjoy preparing my students for a career in health care and strive to teach them principles that will serve them well in their careers.