•  CR Graham Health/Physical Education                                                                                                   
    Winston Salem Preparatory Academy
    Hello Everybody, my name is CR Graham , I am the Health and Physical Education Teacher for middle school. I also teach Life Skills. I am a mentor and a coach. I am so excited! We have had a very productive year so far!  
     Spring sports and group games!
    WOW! I am very proud of my students' progress! Our Drugs and Alcohol unit went very well. We also included technology with this unit and researched  different drugs and how they affect the body. We worked with our wonderful media center coordinator and found several web sites. We were also able to use earphones as the sites read to us! Did you know that the e-cigarette is just as bad for you as a regular cigarette? The vapors has nicotine in it also...yuck! 
        5,4,3,2,1, 0 is the key to living a healthier life! That's what we learned in our Food and Nutrition unit. Did you know that the CDC recommends our children limit screen time -including computer and TV to 2 hours a day? We should also aim for 1 hour of physical activity each day. We will be going back to the gym soon, and will be there for the duration of the school year. We will work on fundamental of tennis, football, softball, soccer, line dancing and group games... and your child will need to bring their own change of clothes as indicated in my syllabus. (comfortable shorts(finger tip long) and T-shirt/ seat pants and sweat shirt).
    My students have agreed that there are no excuses, because we know our rules and regulations for class and school. Thanks for stopping by! :-)