• Advanced Placement Art
    Teacher: Mr. Shawn M. Beard 
    Welcome to Mr. Beard's AP Art Website.
    Click on the side bar to the left for each class. Project 
    syllabus, assignment evaluations, and due dates can all 
    be found on this website for each class.
    I will update the "In Class Today" posts in the Calendar link to the left everyday
    so if you happen to be absent one day, you can see what we did in class.
    Email Mr. Beard if you have any questions about the activities.  
    (This message last updated - Friday, November 30, 2015)
    Fauvism Portrait - Yue Wu - 2D Design 2014 2015
                       Yue Wu - Fauvism Portrait - 2D Design - 2014/2015 
    Welcome to my Advanced Placement Studio Art website. You will
    use this resource to view assignment due dates, new assignment
    materials, class documents, student images, and much more. I
    recommend that you bookmark this page and refer back to it often. 
    Class Documents 
    There will be specific assignment handouts (directions, rubrics, grading sheets,
    instructional materials) posted digitally to the bottom of each of the 3 class
    homepages. I am committed to printing as few items as possible to conserve paper,
    so that will be the place to go if you lose something important that I previously
    handed out to you.  
    The art room is almost always open for students to come and work when they have
    a free period, before or after class and before or after school on most days. My scheduled
    office hours will be the same times every day during 7th and 8th periods (1:35pm - 3:10pm). 
    Please make an appointment at least one day in advance or check with me daily on available
    meeting times. 
    Contact me: 
    Email: sbeard@wsfcs.k12.nc.us                Career Center Phone: 336-727-8181