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    Welcome to the Studio!
                  Information about Ms. Graves and AP Art classes is available here.

    Angus puppy Greetings visitors! My name is Ms. Graves and the photo is my dog Angus.  We would like to welcome you to Advanced Placement Art!  You've made a good choice! 
    I began teaching at the Career Center the 2009-2010 school year, but this is my fifteenth year teaching in WSFCS. I previously taught at High Point University for a dozen years, until needing to fulfill a calling to become a part of the important mission of the public school system. It was a good move which has enriched my life immeasurably. I've been enjoying helping young people gain a better fine arts education and prepare for their continued college experience ever since.

    You may contact me at: tgraves@wsfcs.k12.nc.us

    AP Art
    I currently teach three Advanced Placement Art courses at Career Center: AP Studio: Drawing, AP Studio: 2-D Design,  and AP Art History. Click on those pages at left for more information about the courses. If you would like to read more general information about why you should take Advanced Placement courses you may access the College Board AP Central web site here.

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     to learn some of the advantages of taking AP courses.
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    Why take AP Art History?
    AP Studio courses are for students interested in making art.  AP ART HISTORY is for students interested in the humanities, especially history and literature, as well as those interested in looking at or making art in general.  Enjoy this AP Art History video by Blake Zabrek on YouTube and see the sort of things we learn about: Arty Rock Anthem.   (You may not be able to view it from our campus.)
    AP Art History has been redesigned for the 2015-2016 academic year.  The classroom experience will be fundamentally different than past years.  Refer to the Art History page for more information.
    See anything you like?   Read on...
    Advanced Placement Art History fulfills general humanities' requirements at most colleges in the U.S. and the world.  Ask anyone who has taken it in college and they'll tell you that it is taught in large auditorium-size rooms with upwards of 100-200 students in a very impersonal class.  It involves mostly memorization and administers few exams for assessment with no chance to earn extra credit if you don't do well.  At Career Center, class-size is small and students get involved in classroom activities while learning a chronological survey of art.   We study more than just how to look at a work of art, but what it means, who made it and why, who paid for it, and for what audience it was intended.  I work with students individually that need extra help with study or test-taking skills.  We all get to know one another in a stress-free environment while enriching your liberal arts education.  Did you know that taking AP Art History can lead to 69 career areas and 29 college majors?

    And best of all, you may earn college credit and possibly course advancement by taking AP courses!

    Current Students
    Current students and their parents may wish to check the appropriate page to see what we are doing in class now. Assignments and due dates will be posted when applicable. Any other helpful information to assist the student in completing assignments will be found there also.

    Useful Links
    Check out the Useful Links page for many of my favorite art-related web sites. Ever been to the Museum of Modern Art? Go there now with the link!
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