SIT 2021-2022

  •   Vision: A safe educational environment providing learning for an ever-changing world.

       Our Values:




    Solution oriented


    Integrity, growth, and strong work ethic

    Mission Statement: 

    Clemmons Middle School will intentionally inspire the community (students, parents, and teachers- all stakeholders) to find a voice through collaboration and problem solving .

  • Accessing SIT:

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  • SIT Members 2020-2021

    Principal: Mrs. Sandra Hunter

    Leadership Team Members

    Jennifer Brookshire - Instructional

    Megan Callaghan - Teacher

    David Campbell - Teacher

    Nicole Chandler - Teacher

    Wendy Cheek – Co-chair

    Brenda Clarke - Assistant Principal

    Ron Forsh – Teacher

    Cherie Hardy - Parent

    Kimberly Hernandez - Teacher

    Katherine Howard – SIT Chair

    Kristal Howard - Teacher

    Sandra Hunter – Principal

    Tandice Jean-Baptiste - Teacher

    Jacob Kapp - Media Coordinator

    Mark Kozlowski – Teacher

    Michael McCarthy - Assistant Principal

    Kathryn Murphy – Teacher

    Kevin Perriman – Teacher

    Katie Prusko - Teacher

    Lauren Regenthal -Teacher

    Tercora Reynolds - Teacher

    Frankie Santoro - Teacher

    Melissa Simmons – Teacher

    Jim Smith - Other

    Melinda Vest - School Counselor

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