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    Name: Karen Slepp
    Subject: Social Studies
    Contact info:(336) 703-6765 email: kvslepp@wsfcs.k12.nc.us 

    Mission For The Class

    The following is a list of long range learning and developmental goals that 
    each student will meet in social studies class by the end of the  academic 
    *Develop and use analytical thinking skills to extract meaning and evaluate 
    *Demonstrate creativity and reasoning skills through independent and group 
    *Improve social awareness and personal communication skills.
    *Learn necessary skills to communicate in social studies through mapping, 
    writing, researching, and various conversational techniques.
    *Understand the causes and effects of historical conflict as it        
    pertains to the US and our state.
    *Develop a sense of responsibility for actions through investigation of 
    historical actions and their consequences.
    *Become more confident in their abilities in social studies and as a student.
    *Develop an appreciation for how social studies impacts our nation’s future 
    and the preservation of democracy.