•  Shirley A. Hollis
     Language Arts

                Welcome to EFMS! Eighth grade Language Arts will be exciting. There will be times when we will have a story that may not be interesting to you, but I promise to make it as upbeat as possible. We will read at least four novels, write essays, role play, and have class projects. We will be covering a great deal of material, so it is extremely important that students always come to class prepared (with book, paper, journal, and pencil/pen) and ready to work.

    If you want to understand today,
    you have to search yesterday. 
    ~Pearl Buck~
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    Material Needed:

    Please come to class with the following items.


    3 composition notebooks (labeled Reading Journals and the other Language Arts DOL)

    Loose leaf paper


    Colored pencils



    Jump drive for research projects

    Hand sanitizer



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    Grading Scale










    Below 60



    Class Procedures

                When you get to class you should:  FOLLOW THE BIG 5


    1.      Find a positive attitude and get ready to learn! J

    2.      Get out your class materials (Book, notebook, pencils or pens, etc.) DO NOT get up out of your desk after class begins. If you need to sharpen your pencil, get a tissue, or anything elseASK!

    3.      Begin class by correcting the sentences/paragraphs in your journal labeled Language Arts DOL. The sentences will be on the TV for you to correct daily. Follow the directions (given in Language Arts/Journals section) for these journal entries.

    4.      Participate in all classroom activities.


    Language Arts/ Interactive Journals

                You will have two journals. Your Reading journal will remain in your home-base class and you will turn it in to me on the last day of the week. You are to read each afternoon during Righteous Raven Reading (RRR) time and then write  five sentences minimum summary of what you have read. Each day should be dated and each week will be listed with the grading period number and week (Example: 1.1 meaning grading period one week one. The following week will be labeled 1.2 meaning grading period 1 week 2.). The Language Arts sentences will be kept in my class and will be graded quarterly. This journal will have sentences or paragraphs you will correct daily. You will take this journal home on Thursday and study for a sentence test on Friday. The sentences will be on the overhead/smart board each day when you enter class. You will correct the sentences and have an opportunity to earn points to use on test or quizzes. We will review the sentences daily and you will be quizzed over them at the end of the week. Ten points will be given for each corrected sentence.



                Homework may be given at least 2-3 times a week (Monday- Thursday). I do not like to give homework on the weekends; however it may be necessary at some point during the year. All assignments will be checked. Some assignments will be graded on effort, while others will be collected and graded for a percentage.



                Over the course of the year, students will be assigned projects to complete. These projects may be assigned to groups or individually. Projects may include such things as paper writing, the creation of an art project, etc.


    Quizzes and Tests

                Quizzes will focus on material that has been recently covered, with appropriate vocabulary terms, and our daily sentences. Quizzes may be true/false, matching, multiple choice, or short answer and may be unannounced.

                Tests will usually be given after each story selection or novel chapters, and will include a mixture of the above listed question types. If a particularly short chapter or unit is encountered, a test may cover more than one chapter.


    Possible topics
    Classroom Expectations
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    Grading Policy