• Name: Beverly Perdue 
    My website will list the academic focus for each week, as well as any homework assignments, quizzes, etc..
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    Unit 1 Author's Purpose on the EOG
    Unit 2 Implied Main Idea on the EOG
    Unit 5 Problem Solution Text Structure
    Students will read a variety of text for the causes and effects of problems. Students will choose to read further about a problem and write about its best solution.
    Unit 4 Point of View
    Students will learn essential vocabulary including fact, opinion, bias, purpose, point of view, generalization, and exaggeration.
    Students will use a key to Close Read an article about Bullying.
    Unit 3 Word Parts
    Students will learn the terms prefix, root word, and suffix.
    Students will create a Word Family Tree.
    Unit 2 Fictional Elements
    Students will learn vocabulary that will help them understand the unit.
    Students will apply learn the plot line and use this graphic organizer when reading fiction..
    Unit 1 Main Idea and Details
    Students are learning academic vocabulary related to this unit.
    Students are reading to find important details that lead them to the implied main idea.
    Students will learn to write objective summaries of reading selections.