• Name: James Paul
    Subject: Exploring Technology Systems and Keyboarding
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    Welcome to my website!  There are three separate courses for Tech Ed.:
    6th grade:  Design and Innovation
    7th grade:  Invention and Innovation
    8th grade:  Technological Systems
    For descriptions of each course please click here.  The sixth and seventh grades courses are part one and two of 8201 Technology Design and Innovation.
    I see myself as a facilitator of  learning.  I despise lecturing!  You will find that a majority of my class will be hands on or me leading you down the pathway to discovering information for yourself.  Unfortunately, this year there is an MSL test at the end of the year for each course.  Therefore there will be some lectures, notes, quizzes, and other methods that I try to shy away from.  They will be necessary for me to ensure that you are successful on the test.
    Parent Contact:
    With the sheer number of students served by Encore teachers it is very difficult for any of us to call you if your one student is missing an assignment.  I push responsibility really hard in my classes!  They either do the work or they don't, its on them!  However, with our new grading system it is fairly simple for me to send emails in bulk that say your student is missing an assignment or failing.  Thus email addresses are VERY IMPORTANT to us.  That is also the best way to contact me!  If you ever email me and I do not respond within 24 hours, please email me again because something happened.  Please feel free to email as often as you need to.  I like involved parents!  Here's my email:  jbpaul@wsfcs.k12.nc.us 
    One important thing that you should be aware of is that I am not accepting ANY late work this year!  Per the handbook the student has a certain number of days to make up their work.  After that I will not accept it. 
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Last Modified on August 20, 2015