• We do have a District Technologist that manages equipment and directs concerns and notes to the MTAC committee.  All staff are informed of the Agenda for the MTAC meeting in advance of the meeting to solicit responses. There is an Instructional Technology Facilitator that is shared with another school and that person is on the MTAC team at both schools.


  • Media and Technology Committee Members
    Deb Schultz-Fidali, Media Coordinator Chair
    Julia Nuce, Instructional Technology Facilitator
    Ameriki Jackson, Media Assistant
    Laura Hodges, Principal
    Kimberly Bell, Director of School Improvement
    Jesse Pratt, Instructional Superintendent
    Jessica Gillespie-Johnson, Assistant Principal - SlT Chair
    Beverly Perdue, MTSS Coordinator - Process Manager - SLT CoChair
    Stephanie Boyd-Grady, Counselor
    Amy Rominger, Teacher
     Danielle Anderson, Teacher
    Shayne Willis, Teacher
    Lou Anne Hunter, Teacher
    Noreen Harrigan-Taylor, Teacher
    James Flynt, Teacher - SLT Chair
    Arely Espino-Reed, Teacher
    Jacob Robertson, Teacher
    Samuel Sanchez, Parent
Last Modified on July 17, 2021