We are a nontraditional high school specializing in transition services for our students.  We offer a unique high school program with emphasis on preparing our students for life after high school.  It is from this emphasis that we adopted our student motto,

    "Learning Today for a Better Tomorrow "

    and our staff theme,

    "Moving Up, Moving On, and Moving Out"


    Vision and Mission Statements

    Vision: Students, parents, teachers, staff and the community are valued as unified partners in providing opportunities for vocational training  and transitional planning.  As partners, we develop tomorrow's citizens, workers, and community members.  

    Mission: The mission of Carter High School is to provide a caring and positive environment where students with special needs feel empowered to recognize and optimize their potential through an emphasis on 21st century learning techniques, communication skills, self-advocacy, and transitional awareness.




Last Modified on September 7, 2017