• Why Choose Hanes


    There are eighteen excellent middle schools in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School District.  Why should you consider Hanes as your child's middle school?  The answer is easy.  Hanes has a proven track record of providing a rigorous, yet reasonably advanced curriculum to prepare students for AP classes on the high school level and to prepare them for admission to competitive universities. 

    In previous years, students who did not live in the Hanes zone could not take advantage of the advanced curriculum at Hanes unless their parents provided transportation or unless they qualified for the Highly Academically Gifted (HAG) program of study that has been housed on the Hanes campus for a number of years.

    Now that Hanes is a magnet school.  Students from across our County may choose to take advantage of this high-level hands-on curriculum.  In addition, Hanes students may choose from German, Latin and Spanish as foreign language options. Latin proves particularly beneficial for boosting SAT scores and for students anticipating future careers in the scientific or medical fields.

    As Hanes is a STEM Magnet school the curriculum is focused around math, science, technology and pre-engineering.  Students take "Gateway to Technology" as an elective.  This course is offered through Project Lead the Way, and is specifically designed to be a challenging, exciting, hands-on course to encourage students to pursue careers in math, science, and engineering.

    One of the best reasons to choose Hanes for a bright child who is inquisitive and motivated to work is that Hanes is a school where students find it COOL TO BE SMART.  Students do not feel the need to hide their intelligence to keep from being ridiculed by their peers.  Students are respected for their academic abilities. 

Last Modified on May 24, 2022