• Name: Jim Weiss  Subject: 7th Grade Science
    Contact info: jbweiss@wsfcs.k12.nc.us   336-745-1260 
    Protein Power Project is Due on June 6th.
    This project is bringing together social studies and science topics in preparation for next years earth and environmental science class.  
    All students need to prepare a report on the issues surrounding the use of insects as a source of food.  
    Click here for rubric and explanation.  
    Students have the option of making a food product using insects or worms.  This will be consumed by a teacher and would go as extra credit.   
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    REMEMBER:  These are the important years for developing your prefrontal cortex!!!

    Class Schedule for 7th grade:

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    My hair length will change during the year, and will be somewhere between these two pictures.  My teaching mantra is "If we're not having fun, then we probably aren't learning much."
    After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill with a degree in Zoology, I started a career that has included over 30 years working with youth and education.   From 1999 - 2009, I worked in London, England teaching science in a middle/high school that was composed mostly of students from India, Pakistan, Poland and Somalia. During that time, I ran youth clubs, summer kids clubs, and sports tournaments mainly just because I enjoy being around kids of all ages, colors and creeds.  This will be my sixth year at Hanes.  I am very proud to be teaching at "THE BEST MAGNET SCHOOL IN THE NATION".. 

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