• Hanes SMOD Overview 

    Hanes has a Standard Mode of Dress (SMOD). Students are expected to be in SMOD from the time they enter the building until they leave the building in the afternoon. Students in PE at the end of the day must change back into SMOD before going home. Exception to this are students participating in PE class and after school sporting activities. Please review the tabs on the left hand side of the page for more details concerning SMOD, or feel free to visit our FAQ section. Below are additional rules not covered in the pages to the left.   


    • A dress code check will be preformed daily after the morning announcements.
    • Students who change out of SMOD for classroom presentations must change back into SMOD following the presentation activity.  
    • Students traveling to and from mobile units/pods must remain in SMOD. This includes jackets. Please refer to the outwear page for further details.  
    • Students may accessorize in any color. This includes scarves, jewelry, socks and hair accessories. 
    • There are no SMOD restrictions to footwear except for bedroom slippers. 
    • Certain district guidelines also apply to SMOD. This includes the following rules: 
      • Students may not wear, carry, or display bandannas of any color. 
      • Hats and head coverings are not to be worn, carried or displayed in the building (except for religious purposes). 
      • Clothing may not advertise alcohol or drugs
      • Cleavage or midriffs may not be exposed. 
      • No pajamas may be worn . 



    SMOD Free Days  
    From time to time, Hanes will have no-SMOD days.  These days usually involve the wearing of jeans with some sort of specially themed shirt or top.  The following rules will apply: 
    • Jeans may not have holes or ripped areas.  
    • They may not sag. 
    •  No pajamas at any time.  
    • The tops must represent the advertised theme.  
    • Tops may not be sheer.  
    • They must be long enough to not expose the midriff.  
    • They may not be sleeveless.  
    What happens if I come to school not dressed in SMOD?    
    • Students who come to school not dressed in SMOD will have to go to the clothing closet to borrow SMOD (if available) to wear or wait until parents bring appropriate clothing to school. Students will be able to return to class once they are in SMOD.
    •  Students who borrow SMOD items will relinquish their clothing items in exchange for the SMOD items. Students' clothes will be returned when they return the borrowed items. 
    • Students should be dressed in SMOD by the start of first period each day. Repeat offenders will follow the guidelines below: 
      • First/Second Offense: Students will receive a warning. 
      • Third Offense: Parent Contact from Administration. 
      • Fourth and additional offenses may results in ISS, OSS, or other disciplinary consequences.  


Last Modified on March 21, 2017