School Dress Code


    Hanes Magnet School will continue to have a Standard Mode of Dress for all students and staff. Students are expected to be in Standard Mode of Dress from the time they enter the building in the morning through the time they exit the building in the afternoon (students in PE should change back into SMOD before going home).

    A dress code check will be performed daily after the morning announcements.  Students who change out of dress code for class presentations will remain in their classroom or on their hallway.  They should change back into SMOD following the presentation activity.

    Students must wear SMOD on field trips unless otherwise approved by the Principal.

    The school's Standard Mode of Dress is as follows:




    • Bottoms must be khaki (tan/beige) or black.  The garment must have belt loops and functioning pockets.  They may not have draw strings. NO JOGGERS. No zippers, tears or holes in pants, capris or skirts.
    • Garments should be worn above the hip bone. Sagging pants are not allowed.  If sagging pants are worn, zip ties will be given.
    • Dresses must be black or khaki, have a collar and should be no more than a dollar length above the bottom of the knee cap.  Dresses without collars must have a collared shirt underneath the dress.
    • Tights and leggings are not allowed unless there is a skirt over them that meets dress code.
    • Exercise/athletic pants or exercise/athletic shorts are not allowed.
    • All shorts and skirts should be no more than a dollar length above the bottom of the knee cap


    • Collared long or short sleeve Knit/Cotton polo and oxford shirts are allowed.  Shirts must be buttoned.
    • All shirts must be in a solid color of:  white, black, khaki (tan/beige), purple and yellow/gold.
    • Only logos the size of a business card or smaller are allowed.  Large logos are not allowed.
    • Any oversized top, reaching more than a dollar bill length above the knee cap, must be tucked in.
    • All shirts must have a sleeve, a collar and must be appropriately buttoned so cleavage is not exposed.

    Other Garments

    • Outer garments worn at school should meet SMOD requirements.  Non-SMOD items may not be draped, tied around the waist, carried, or worn inside-out during the school day.   Vests, sweaters, light jackets, or sweatshirts must be a solid color of white, black, purple, yellow/gold, or khaki (tan/beige).
    • Students going to or coming from classes in the mobile units should remain in SMOD during class changes.
    • Students’ winter coats must be in SMOD colors.
    • Small logos on jackets, sweaters, or hoodies are allowed (business card size or smaller), large logos not allowed.
    • Hanes hoodies may be worn, but a SMOD top must be underneath.
    • Visible layered garments must be SMOD colors.
    • Hanes spirit tee shirts may only be worn on Fridays without a collar shirt.

    Other Considerations

    • Oversized, undersized and skin tight garments are not allowed.
    • Students may not wear, carry, or display bandanas of any type or color.
    • Sheer garments, if worn, should be worn over a SMOD approved garment.
    • Hats and head coverings are not to be worn in the building (except for religious purposes).
    • We strongly encourage close toe shoes for safety reason.  Our stairs and ramps are extremely slippery when they are damp.  Shower shoes, flip flops, sandals should not be worn.  House shoes or slippers are prohibited according to WSFCS policy.     

    Note: Non-SMOD garments will be traded for a SMOD garment.  All borrowed SMOD garments must be returned in order to receive the clothing you exchanged.

    Consequences for Dress Code Violations

    Homeroom teachers will conduct a dress code check each morning.  SMOD violations will be tracked and students will receive the following consequences.

    • For each instance, students will have the option of changing into SMOD or calling home for a change of clothes.  Students who borrow SMOD items will relinquish their clothing items in exchange for the SMOD items. Students’ clothes will be returned when they return the borrowed items.  Students may return to class once they are in dress code.
      • 1st and 2nd offenses: Students will receive warnings and parent phone call.
      • 3rd offense: ISS and Parent Contact
      • Subsequent offenses may result in ISS, OSS or another disciplinary consequence.
      • Confiscated items should be picked up by parents within 2 weeks.  Items that are not picked up within that time will be donated.
      • Staff members and the school are not liable for confiscated items that are lost, stolen or not picked up.


Last Modified on July 22, 2019