Welcome to the Dance Department of WSFCS!
    All-County Dance The k-12 progression of dance in the Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools strives to help students perceive and communicate who they are through choreography and contemporary dance technique.  Dance helps students develop the self esteem, self-discipline, cooperation, and self motivation for success in life.  Students discover through experience their artistic abilities and motivations.


     "Dance is my language, my medicine, my practice, and my pedagogy; my proof of life."

    Christal Brown


    image of group of Dance teachers from WS/FCS

    WS/FCS Dance Education Philosophy

    The WS/FCS Dance Education Curriculum is the result of the effort of dance teachers from all levels in the county to create a “user-friendly” guide to the curriculum.  This compilation of goals from the NCDPI, along with local recommendations addresses the articulation of dance literacy from elementary through high school.  The purpose of the curriculum is to provide dance teachers with a common reference point from which to plan, implement, and evaluate the instructional program for dance education within their school.  Dance education for students on all levels is founded on a discipline-based approach.  It is the intent of this instructional program to integrate the study of dance technique, choreographic process, performance skills, dance history, connecting and responding strategies proposed herein.

    It is vital that our dance program encompasses a sequential approach to instruction from Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade.  The elementary dance education program establishes a solid foundation in the elements and principles of dance for students.  Middle school students who elect to take dance explore ballet, modern, and world dance techniques while delving deeper into dance basics.  All dance courses at the high school level are elective.  Beginning (Dance 1A and Dance 1B) Dance is a comparable course to physical education and does count as the student’s physical education requirement.  Classes are intended to serve the needs of the beginner as well as those of the individual who desires to develop a professional portfolio.

    Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools include over 80 schools and serve approximately 52,400 students.  Demographic diversity is the norm.  Our multi-cultural/racial community allows us to celebrate the artistic achievements of a variety of subgroups.  Therefore, our curriculum creates learning opportunities from a variety of cultural perspectives.  Consideration for accommodating students with special needs is the responsibility of all art teachers.  These populations include exceptional children, gifted, ESL (English as a second language), and others.  Teachers are expected to modify instruction to meet the needs and ability levels of all students.

    Gaining knowledge in dance is a process, which includes:  Creation and Performance, Dance Movement Skills, Responding, and Connecting.  Each of these strands is relevant across grade levels and provides unifying threads of understanding supported by the school district’s goals and objectives.