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    Mr. Loftis

    I am the Technical Education teacher and the Robotics Club coach at Paisley IB Middle school. My educational background includes a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a Master's degree in Instructional Technology from Appalachian State University.

    I am married to Jane Loftis who teaches at Flat Rock Middle school here in Winston Salem. We have three dogs and two cats that let us live with them.
    My hobbies include anything car related and I enjoy driving my vintage 1969 4 door Ford Thunderbird and my 1989 Mercury Cougar XR-7.
    My favorite color is Red and my favorite food is Chocolate !

    My contact info is: email : dhloftis@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    The school phone number is: 336-703-4168
    Wish List:  Kleenex, loose leaf paper, pencils, paper towels, hand sanitizer


    Expectations:  for students to come to class with a willing to learn attitude supplied with Paper, notebooks, journals (1 inch binder) and Pencils every day.

    Remember to try your best every day and ask questions when you do not understand.  You can come see me after class if you do not want to ask questions during the class.

    Grading Policy is:   Test / Quizzes are 30%,  Projects and Papers 35%,  Classwork and Homework; weighted by points 35%.



    Words we use in Middle school Technical education include:  Resources, Input, Process, Impact, Feedback, Output, Design, Creativity, support, Innovation,
    We study building, construction, design, engineering, computer aided design, hardware, programming, software, technology and description of building materials.

    Remember the 7 resources of Technology are:  People, Capital, Time, Information, Energy, Materials and Tools and Machines.

    Go Apps!

    Check out this website for inventions:   http://challenges.epals.com/