• Name: Catherine G. Blevins
    Subject: In School Suspension(ISS)/Alternative Learning Classroom(ALC)
    Yearbook Advisor
    Contact Information: cgblevins@wsfcs.k12.nc.us

    Mrs. Blevins and ISS at Thomas Jefferson Middle School

    Room 118 

    Mrs. Blevins is K-9 certified and devoted to helping students overcome obstacles in order to continue the learning process.  Jefferson Middle School has an academic ISS in which students work hard to complete class assignments.  Mrs. Blevins provides additional instruction as needed and strives to keep students current with the classes they are missing. ISS is not a place for relaxation or wasting time.

    What is ISS?

    ISS - In School Suspension

    This means you are suspended from your normal classes, but not suspended from school. Students are assigned ISS for a variety of reasons as determined by the principals and teachers. This is used as a way to give students time away from the regular environment in order that they may become more focused on the areas they need to improve.  While in ISS students will continue their studies and be expected to complete assignments. Disruptive behavior is not allowed.  They will be able to get help on their assignments when needed.


    I expect students to regard being in ISS as a serious matter.  They should use their time wisely by completing all given assignments to the best of their ability.  This requires asking for help as needed.  I plan to continue the teaching process by giving extra instruction, checking work, and communicating with the classroom teachers/principals. Students should also use the time to reflect upon why they are in the ISS room.  I look forward to helping with the needs of the individual students and hopefully find solutions that enable them to succeed in the regular classroom.

    Additional Comments

    My door is always open to parents and teachers.  Please feel free to check the progress of your students and to ask me any questions. My goal is to HELP!