• Name: Denise Francis
    Subject: Physical Education
    Contact info: 774-4630
    Denise Francis
     All rubrics, assessment expectations, and criteria to meet level 3 on rubric are under classroom document icon on the left of this page.
    I graduated from Crest High School I attended UNCG and earned a BS in Physical Education.  I also attended Gardner Webb University and earned a M.A. in Physical Education.While at UNCG I played softball. I was also an assistant softball coach at Gardner Webb. I went on to become the head softball coach at Barton College from 1991-1993. In 1994 I began teaching at Eastern Wayne High School. I began teaching in Winston Salem in 1998.
    Classroom Rules

    Students should follow all of the following rules to ensure the safety of classmates as well as their own safety.

    1.  Report to the locker room before the tardy bell rings and stay in the locker room until your teacher dismisses you into the gym.

    2.  Bring your physical education uniform(7th and 8th graders) and tennis shoes on your PE day and dress out each PE day.

    3.  Get permission from your teacher before leaving the gym or locker room.

    4.  No food, candy, or gum in the locker room or gym.

    5.  Keep your hands, feet, etc to yourself.

    6.  Report any injury to your teacher before you leave class.



    TJMS Physical Education Goals

    1. Students will learn about a variety of sport activites
    2. Students will perform the Fitnessgram Physical Fitness Tests that will assess their personal fitness levels.
    3. Students will perform activities that will help improve fitness levels.
    4. Students will learn to be involved in competitive and coopertative activities and learn proper sportsmanship and teamwork principles.

    2014-2015 School Year

    All students are required to pay a physcial education fee of $3.50 plus a lock fee (7-8 grades only) of .50 for a total of $4.00.  This fee is required by the county and should be paid to the student's homeroom teacher.  7th and 8th grade students are required to dress out in their PE uniform on days that they have physical education at a cost of $14.00. Appropriate shoes should also be worn.  Students who do not have appropriate shoes will not be allowed on the gym floor!