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    My Philosophy:
    I am committed to integrating technology into the curriculum so that the tools and the teaching mesh together. But with access to technology tools, comes responsibility!  All students and teachers must abide by the standards of proper ethical behavior as outlined by WS/FCS.  Here is a copy of the agreement which all students must adhere to when using computers here at school.  Acceptable Use Policy for Students
    The best way to reach me to make a request for help is via e-mail me.  If you see me in the hall and ask me something I will probably say: "I promise to forget that"...not meaning to be rude--I just know my limitations when it comes to my memory :) 

    About Myself:
    Before coming to Southeast Middle, I had been the technology facilitator at Jefferson Middle School since 1999.  This blog sort of sums up my feelings about leaving Jefferson and coming to South East.   My motto of late has been:  "No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.   Also, Here is a summary of my qualifications 

    On a personal note, I enjoy Starbucks Coffee, working on the farm in the mountains of NC, and learning new technology tools.  I believe learning is a life long journey and therefore I always enjoy learning and and sharing new things.  I really like twitter as a PLC, Facebook and my I-phone !

    My "pet project" at school is working with my STARS (Student Technology AdvisoRS) students. They keep me on my toes and help me learn something new everyday.  If you know of a student with an aptitude for working with people and technology, please refer them to me.  Teachers, have interested students come see me in room 612 during homeroom time.

Last Modified on August 19, 2014