• 2019-2020
    Welcome Warriors to the Samurai Team!
    Mrs. Broadstreet's Language Arts Class
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    About the Teacher
    I am excited about my fourteenth year at Thomas Jefferson Middle School. I taught previously in another North Carolina school system for thirteen years. I look forward to working with you this school year. I have a B.A. in English Education from North Carolina State University. I am certified to teach English Grades 9-12, Middle School Language Arts Grades 6-8, and Academically Gifted Children Grades K-12. 
    Our Team Teachers
    Wendy Broadstreet-Language Arts
    Felicia Gibson-Math
    Charles Jones- Social Studies
    Robin Moon- Science
    About my class
    We will be reading literature and informational text. We will do argument, informative/explanatory, narrative, and research based writing. Speaking and listening skills will be incorporated throughout my lessons. My Enrichment Period activities will review standard English conventions.
    I post class work and homework assignments daily on my website calendar. Project requirements and other important documents can be found on my Power Learning/Haiku Page.
    Click here for my syllabusSyllabus
    My Grading Scale                                                                                  Grading Scale
    Homework (Counts as 1 grade)                                                                                    A-  90-100
    Class Work (Counts as 1 grade)                                                                                    B-  80-89
    Quizzes  (Count as 1.5 grades)                                                                                    C-  70-79
    Tests (Count as 2 grades)                                                                                            D-  60-69
    Projects (Count as 2 grades)                                                                 F-  59 and below