We will be updating the clubs list for the 2021-2022 School year over the next few weeks.

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    As a part of the First Lego League, this club guides youth through STEM learning and exploration. The students work together to apply what they learn by programming robots to perform missions on the league provided mat in a competition setting. The focus is on the fundamentals of engineering as students explore real world problems, learn to design a robot and code. Best of all, Robotics requires teamwork and friendships that last all through middle school form.  



    Ms. WIlson and        Mr. Jones


    Every Tuesday and Thursday


    TSA – Technology Students of America

     TSA is a national organization of students engaged in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).TSA is open to students enrolled in or who have completed technology education courses, TSA’s membership includes more than 250,000 middle and high school students across the United States. TSA is supported by educators, parents, and business leaders who believe in the need for a technologically literate society. Members learn through exciting competitive events, leadership opportunities, and much more. A wide range of activities makes TSA a positive experience for every student. TSA chapter members work on competitive events, learn and apply leadership skills, and may attend conferences at the state level. Competitions are categorized by careers in Architecture and Construction Technology, Communications Technology, Computer Science and Information Technology, Leadership, Manufacturing and Transportation Technology, STEM (General), STEM and the Arts, and Technology and Research. TSA competitions are offered virtually.

     Ms. Wilson











    Come create with other artists! We will do virtual art projects as well as art you can make from home. 


     Ms. Vincent







    The TJMS Student Council consists of student representatives (two per homeroom) who share their classmates' ideas, questions, and concerns with school leaders. Members of the council must serve as strong role models for their peers, work to increase school spirit and morale, and help organize various student events and service projects.


    Ms. Hamby





    Representatives are selected from each homeroom class 




    The Patriot Pals Program is usually focused on 1) a mentoring component 2) incentives 3) Monthly Focus Session 4) Service Project 5) Field Trip Component.  This year, we are limited in terms of volunteer usage.  Instead, I would like the Patriot Pals Program to focus on the Monthly Focus Session Component with a series of Student Workshops for Pals related to 'Tools for Success' (Organizational Skills, Online Peer Relations, Social Emotional Health, Maximizing Notetaking Skills, Tech Tools for Student Success, etc.)  We will rely on staff members initially and will expand to community volunteers as we begin to loosen our volunteer standards during reopening.




    Ms. Wilson-Moore





    TJMS Bass Fishing Club

    The TJMS Bass Fishing Club is open to all students interested in bass fishing - all ability levels welcome. Whether you enjoy bass fishing or have never been before and want to learn, the TJMS Bass Fishing Club is a place to learn new fishing techniques, develop your skills, ask questions, and share your love of bass fishing with others.  

    Mr. Ronacher


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    Battle of the Books

     Battle of the Books is open for all students at TJMS! To join, students must read at least five of the books on the NC Battle of the Books list, and join meetings to compete with other students to quiz and compete with each other. The interest forms will be sent to your ELA teachers next week. Please join us!

    Ms. Turner


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    Creative Writing Club

    Our club explores different genres of writing such as short stories, poems, plays, songs etc. Students can choose whether or not they would like to share their work. This is a safe place to be creative! 

    Ms. Broadstreet


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    Dungeons and Dragons Club

    Calling All Adventures! 
    We need daring and bold adventures to come to the Kingdom of Room 207 to help protect it from vile creatures.  Earn gold, fame, and glory all while playing an amazing game of Dungeons and Dragons.  Play as a noble paladin or a cunning wizard to explore the wilds of our imagination.  Bring your friends or make new ones while fighting the most sinister monsters that only exist in our minds.  
    Fight. Play. Work.  Together.

    Mr. Thomas


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