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    About Mr. Johnson
    A basketball scholarship to Wake Forest University brought me to Winston-Salem in 1987.

           WFU                       Go Deacs!
    After graduating from WFU in 1990, I worked for NationsBank as a Banking Representative.  In 1992, I decided to go to Winston-Salem State University to pursue a degree in Education.  I have been in education now for over 24 years and my specialty areas are Language Arts and Math. 
    I have also served as Kennedy's VIP Coordinator, Home School Coordinator, Drop Out Prevention Coordinator and MicroSociety Coordinator.  I am currently serving as the ISS / Alternative Learning Center Coordinator.  I also serve as a mentor to selected students here at Kennedy.  I enjoy working with students of all ages and I strive to be a role model for everyone.  I have two wonderful daughters (Meghan and Olivia), three grandkids (Braylon, Cameron, and Demi) and an amazing wife (Dena) who is the love of my life.  I spend most of my time reading the Bible, cooking, or finishing projects at home.  I also conduct free home Bible studies in the community for people who are interested.
    ISS is a program used by J.F. Kennedy High Schools administration as an alternative to Out of School Suspension (OSS).  It is a program designed to help students who have violated school or classroom rules.  ISS students are not permitted to follow their regular classroom schedule.  Assignments from the classroom teachers are sent to the ISS classroom so that students do not fall behind in their academic work.  Students in ISS are also expected to complete other assignments which will be provided by the ISS teacher.                                                  

                                                              Be Good!!!  

    ALC is a 45-90 day behavior modification program for students who repeatedly violate minor offenses in the "Guidelines for Student Discipline.  Upon successful completions of an ALC assignment, the student will transition back to his regular classroom setting.

    Discipline at KLC is a joint effort between students, teachers, and the administration.  Our goal is to provide a climate for students to make the right choices.  Continuous communication between students, parents, teachers and administrators is the key to a strong discipline program. All students are expected to follow the Guidelines for Discipline (AR 5131)
    Antonio Johnson
    John F. Kennedy High School
     890 East 11th Street
     Winston Salem, North Carolina 27101
    (336) 703-4143 Office
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