•  Coach David Hooker
    John F. Kennedy High School 
     Physical Education
    Have a great and safe year. 
    Be active and spend time with family.
    Students playing "King of the Court" badminton:
                            "King of The Court" - Badminton    badminton instruction
    School Year recommendations for Health and Fitness:
    • 30 minutes of activity each day while eating plenty of fruits and vegetables
    • Read, Read and Read some more (recommend school year reading = Beyond Belief: Finding the Strength to Come Back, by Josh Hamilton)
    Contact info:  Email  dhooker2@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    Office: Gym
    Work Phone: 703-4143
    Students please be prepared to dress out for PE everyday. You will bring clothes from home. The dress code will include a t-shirt with sleeves, crew neck and loose fitting. The shorts need to be knee length, athletic type and loose fitting as well. Gym shoes that follow the JFKHS dress code will be acceptable.
    P.E.fee = $4.00
       "Students helping others through Penny Campaign":
                                                       Students helping others through "Penny Campaign"       


    Team Slogan:   "PLAY AND HAVE FUN!"

    Grading Procedures:    Grades are based more on effort than ability. Progress reports available as scheduled (approx. every 3 weeks).  An average of the daily grade plus attendance plus exam/final test determines final grade.  
    General Class Rules:   
    • Be Present
    • Be On Time
    • Be Prepared
    • Be Courteous
    • Be Active
    See Gym Bulletin Board For Procedures/Rules and Dress Code.
    Conference Procedures: Please Call School For Appointment (703-4143)

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