Classroom Updates
     Supply List (for students in all classes)
    *one package of colored highlighters
    *3-4 post-it note pads
    *loose notebook paper
    * 2 marble composition books
    *2 pocket folders for handouts and graded writing 
    *package of #2 pencils
    *red, black, and blue ball point ink pens ( no gel)
    *thumb drive
    AP Language & Composition  
    Students should obtain a copy of Fiske Word Power by Edward B. Fiske. 
    We are revisiting Rhetorical Analysis and Rhetorical Mode.  Students are currently working on their arsenals by adding new vocabulary and various ways to analyze text.
     The "Black List"
    1.  Antanaclasis
    2.  Auxesis
    3.  Distinctio
    4.  Personification
    5.  Colloquialism
    6.   Volta
    7.  Ballad
    9.  Villanelle
    10.  Sestina
    11.  Heroic Couplet
    12.  Elegy
    13.  Ode
    14.  Petrachan Sonnet
    15.  Shakespearean Sonnet 
    AP Literature & Composition
    We will continue with poetry analysis.    Students should also obtain a copy of Fiske Word Power by Edward B. Fiske.  I will periodically give class work weighted assignments for appropriate use of these words.  My current focus is on the first ten chapters.  The first assignment will be Tuesday March 22nd.  At this time, we are reading/viewing Shakespeare's King Lear.  I have copies of that play for student use.  After we finish that unit, we will begin reading J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye as we focus on the Bildungsroman (a coming of age novel).

    English III - 
    Students are well into the unit for The Great Gatsby.  We will have vocabulary tests and writing assignments associated with this unit. 
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