Welcome to Mr. Stack's Web Page.

    Welcome to a new year at Kernersville Middle.  I look forward to teaching math study skills.  This starts my 18th year at KMS and my 1st year teaching study skills for 6th, 7th and 8th grades.  I am married and have three daughters, two that are grown and married and one that is 6 years old.  My wife and I also do foster parenting and presently have child number 20 in our household.  I am also a published author for children's books.  I have three books in print and am waiting for the drawings to be completed for my 4th book.  Reading is my passion and writing is something I do when I get bored or have too many thoughts in my head.  Oh yeah, Math is pretty cool too.
    In study skills, we will be shadowing the concepts that are taught by the student's regular math teacher and trying to fill in learning gaps so students can be more successful in math.
    Please remember that in math, like sports, practice is essential for mastery.  We will do all of our practice in class so not to increase the homework burden.  And if you need help, you need to ask.  I will do after-school tutoring on Wednesdays from 2-3.  Talk to me if you need help.
    My goals for this year are get to know you and help you understand the concepts you need to be successful.  I hope your goals align with mine. 
    Web Pages for extra help/review:
    www.brainpop.com (user name: kernersvillemiddle; password: KMSHawks14)
    youtube - mywhyu