• mariachi

    Marianne Smith


     Hola.  And welcome to Spanish class 2016-2017!  I am very excited about the year ahead of us and am looking forward to meeting the new 6th graders as well as reconnecting with my 7th and 8th graders!  A bit about me:
    This will be my 27th year teaching Middle School Spanish!  I have been at KMS since it opened. I coach Cross Country and Track.  I love to watch football, bake, read, and hang out with my family.  I have a wonderful husband, three kids and two dogs.  My daughter is the oldest and she is a teacher.  My middle son is a mailman, and my youngest son will be a freshman at UNC!  Go Heels!  My dogs are Mozzy and Chuck Findlay (Finny).  They are huge and get into all kinds of mischief.  I am looking forward to a great year!
     Parents:  Please make sure to get me your email address.  I do frequent updates about what is going on in class (projects, tests, quizzes, progress report dates, etc).  Any time you email me, please put your child's first and last name as the subject.  I tend to not open emails that I don't recognize the sender's name.  My contact information is below.  Feel free to contact me any time you have a concern.  I look forward to working with you and your child!  
    Contact info: 336-703-4255 (school number)
    The best way to contact me is by email.  I check it more than once  every day.