Social and physical growth are as important as academic growth.  At Kernersville Middle, we offer many opportunities for your child to participate in after school activities.  
    Art Club (Sponsor: Sara Young-Cross)
    Battle of the Books (Sponsor: Ann Webb)
    Crosby Scholars (Sponsor: Chris McCoy) 
    Garden Club (Sponsor: Dave Boyer)
    Hawk Leaders (Sponsors: John Thornton & Philip Luthi) 
    KCK (Sponsors: Amy Bunch & Lisa Menten)
    Steppin' Hawks (Sponsor: Micah Grier)
    Lego League (Sponsors: Betsy Montgomery & James Hussey) 
    MakerClub (Sponsors: Karen Hudson, Beau Gardner, Ann Webb) 
    NAL (National Academic League) (Sponsors: Jeff Shu and Christopher Walsh)
    KMSHS (Kernersville Middle School Honor Society (Sponsor: Mrs. Pardue)
    Yearbook (Sponsor: Lisa Wood) 
Last Modified on August 6, 2019