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    Subject: Reading
    Contact info: (336) 403-4181
                                   Welcome to Language Arts, a place where reading opens the mind to many possibilities. I am the Language Arts and Science teacher with two wonderful assistants Mrs. Vaughn and Ms. Beth.  We work collectively to improve student literacy by implementing the system wide research based reading programs Reading Mastery and Corrective Reading. These programs help students develop the foundmental skills needed to decode and comprehend what they have read and what is being read to them. We also have literacy twice a week to help explore the great novels such as the Christmas Carol and Mark Twain provided by the Don Johnson start to finish literacy program.  We also us the school wide researched based curriculum Unquie Learner to Explore Social Skills, Science and Social Studies.These program provides opportunities for students to develop vocabulary, read aloud and siliently. We assess students reading abilities using various formal assessment tools such as the Brigance, Edmodo, and DT trainer. The goals for this year is to expand students vocabulary, learn decoding strategies, and learn to apply the sounds of the alphabets to words which, are needed to spell and use the dictionary. There are many exciting things that will occur in reading and science and we look forward to helping your child reach their maximal potential.
    Classroom Philosophy:  Every Child Can Learn.....
    Rules/Regulations: Supports the school wide Postive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS) program: 
     Polar Bear Pledge:
    We are the Polar Bears
    We are Prepared
    We have an A plus attitude
    We are winning workers and
    We practice saftey first.
    Grading Policy: Ten point grading scale
    Attendance: Supports the school system requirments: If the student is absent please send an excuse. 

    Tardieness: If the student will be tardy for school, Please have your child at school no later than 11:30 to be counted  present.