• This article is not intended to be a substitute for legal advice, and parents are urged to contact a 
    special needs attorney to discuss the specifics of their family's situation. Only an attorney can provide 
    legal advice about guardianship.

    Basic Facts to Consider As Your Child with Autism Becomes an Adult

     At the age of 18, a child is legally considered to be an adult.
     The parents are no longer the legal guardians once the child reaches the age of majority.
     Adult children may need the protection of a guardian if they cannot care for themselves, make 
    decisions in their own best interests, or manage their financial assets. 
     Guardianship should not be automatic; not all individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder 
    (ASD) require the protection of a guardian.
     Consider the strengths, weaknesses, needs, and best interests of the individual before making 
    the decision to seek guardianship.



Last Modified on November 6, 2023