• Name: Alanna Kotas
    Contact info: 336-922-1730
     Welcome to Mrs. Kotas' page
      Responsible behavior is expected ALWAYS! So much can be accomplished if everyone does their part!
    We do NOT tolerate bullying of any kind. Each child has a right to their education in a fear free environment. THE GOLDEN RULE IS A MUST! Treat others as you wish to be treated, and it will be a wonderful learning environment for all.
      I am looking forward to working with you to make this a successful year! 
    There will be many learning opportunities this year. In Science and Social Studies we will do a lot of group work and classroom assignments. In the event that an assignment is not completed in class it may become homework. Projects, quizzes, tests, etc.. will be posted on the team homework calendar. (Classroom assignments which go home to be completed may or may not be posted) 
    The key to success in my class is responsibility and effort. All students can do well in my classes.
    I am truly looking forward to working with your child. I am always available through email. PLEASE keep in touch.