• Name: Artanzia Rice
    Subject: Study Skills/Inclusion
    Contact info: 336- 703-4185, alrice@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    Room 218
    My name is Artanzia Rice. this is my 8th year teaching. I teach a Study Skills class and co- teach English, and Math. My goal is to ensure student readiness to transition into their post-secondary life; therefore, we will learn using 21st century technology, while planning strategically for success. The best part of my job is watching the students grasp concepts and grow. Each day I am given an opportunity to teach students, but I am also learning from them.  I am able to give students the extra support they need to be academically successful. Encouraging students to study and being their best leads to a successful and prosperous life. Through Study Skills, students learn to develop organizational skills, good study habits and pass their core classes. Nothing is more humbling than seeing all students excel. When they excel, they are equipped for the real world and can become productive citizens in society. I truly believe that  " If one fails to plan, then, they  plan to fail."
    Possible topics
    Organization Skills
    Memory Techniques
    Learning Strategies
    Test Taking Strategies
    Classroom Expectations: Students are to come to class prepared with school supplies, focused, and ready to learn.
    Rules/Regulation: No electronic devices, be respectful and cordial at all times.
    Grading Policy: All students are on different levels and will be graded accordingly.
    Attendance:Attendance is essential and promptness is required.
    Students are encouraged to read 30 minutes daily to improve reading skills.