• Mr. Brown

    University of Duke Blue Devils
    Social studies
    phone: (336)922-1730
    Animated guy curling a weighted barbell.

    All About Me

                   I'm originally from a small town in Pennsylvania.  I lived there with my parents and my little brother, who is nine years younger.  Growing up I played and watched every sport that I could.  Sports are still a hobby and pastime of mine.  I enjoy reading and working out at the gym.   
            In June of 2003, I married my beautiful wife, Kristin. In November of 2011, we adopted our son Drew.  We adopted him from Gladney Center for Adoptions in Forth Worth, Texas.  He was just over 1 month old when we got him.  He is growing very quickly and is so much fun!  
    Shortly after graduating college, I started my teaching career as a substitute teacher for the remainder of that school year.  We moved to North Carolina in August 2003 for my teaching position in East Bend.  I taught third grade there for three years.
                 Then I came to Meadowlark.  This is my eighth year at Meadowlark and tenth year teaching.  This year I am on the University of Duke Blue Devils team.  My teammates are Mrs. Perry, Mrs. Cumbo, and Ms. Collette.  In addition to teaching I will also be coaching cross country, volleyball, and track.
       My goal is to push my students and athletes to achieve their best.  I'm looking forward to another productive and successful year at MMS!