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    Orchestra classes (2015-16) will be on A-days.  Students will need the following supplies for class.
    • Instrument (violin, viola)
    • Method book:
       Beginning 6th & 7th: Essential Elements for Strings, bk. 1 
      Continuing 7th & 8th: Essential Elements for Strings 2000, bk. 2
    • Music Folder (supplied in class)
    • Rosin (for bow)
    • Pencil
    Students responsibilities: 
     (Pending dates)
    This document must be signed and returned by students and parent/guardians, ASAP.  

    Students responsibilities. A practice log needs to be maintained, throughout each quarter
      It must be signed at the end of each week by parents, and it will be graded every two weeks. Students should have an instrument on B-days, and bring any music materials/music practice folder. Having the necessary supplies counts toward the daily participation grade.  

    Each student will be responsible for their own instrument. This means learning to care for and store it properly.  If students can fit their instrument in the school locker. While at school on B-days, students may drop off their small instrument cases in rm. 407 for the duration of the school day.

    School loaned instruments:
    A limited quantity of school instruments are available, assigned on the basis of financial need. If your family is unable to obtain an instrument otherwise, please contact me @ dmullikin@wsfcs.k12.nc.us.  A non-refundable "use" deposit will be required on these. Parents will be responsible to pay for loss/damages that occur to any school-loaned instruments.

    Performance Schedule

    KMS concerts will be presented in Winter and Spring. These are required performances for music students. Please make note of the appropriate date, below. The concerts will last approx. 1 hr., and performing students are expected to remain for the full duration of the event.

    ***Winter Concerts***


    Seventh and Eighth Continuing Orchestra-  Thursday, Dec. 3, 2015

    Concert is 6:30PM-7:30PM- (KMS gym)

    Students arrive at 5:30PM- go to rm. 407 for tuning.

    Sixth and Seventh Beginning Orchestra. Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2015-

    Concert is 6:30PM-7:30PM- (KMS gym)

    Students arrive at 5:30PM- report to rm. 407 for tuning.


    ***Spring Concerts***

    Sixth and Seventh Beginning Orchestra

    Thurs. April, 21, 2016-

    Concert is 6:30PM-7:30PM- (KMS gym)

    Students arrive at 5:30PM- go to rm. 407 for tuning.

    Seventh and Eighth Continuing Orchestra

    Tuesday, April 26-

    Concert is 6:30PM-7:30PM- (KMS gym)

    Students arrive at 5:30PM- go to rm. 407 for tuning.


    All County Orchestra (for continuing orchestra students)

    ·         Auditions

    Thurs. Oct. 15, 2013- 3:00-5:00PM- All County Orchestra auditions-

    Location: Atkins High School.

    • Requirements:

    Solo (All): “Allegro” by Mozart.


    Violin: 2 octave G major + arpeggio

    Viola: 2 octave C major + arpeggio

    Cello: 2 octave C major + arpeggio

    Bass: 1 octave G major + arpeggio (2 octave optional)


    All-County Rehearsals & Concert:

    • Thurs. Jan. 28, 2016. Location: Reynolds HS auditorium. 6:00PM-8:00PM
    • Fri. Jan. 29, 2016: Location: RJ Reynolds HS.  Full-Day Clinic & Concert
    • Sat. Jan. 30, 2016: Location: RJ Reynolds HS10:00AM- 1:00PM rehearsals
    • Concert: 2:00PM.(tentative) Reynolds High School Auditorium. 



    Kickoff date: October 14

    The music department holds a yearly fundraiser to assist with the many costs of our respective programs; chorus, band, orchestra. Please support this effort! The profits raised from this help to pay for classroom supplies such as sheet music, school instrument repairs, field trip fees, etc. 



    Celebration Station: End Of Year Bash, (date: TBA)