in STUDIO 406 with Elizabeth Miller
    GRADING:   **IMPORTANT**Grades will be posted on parent assist.  These grades will be accurate at Encore Progress Report date.  Please be aware that at other times it might not show the correct grade due to the weight of grades. 0’s are BAD. If there is no grade entered, it has not been graded yet.  Please have students first talk to me if there are issues/mistakes.  I have 350+ students, and mistakes do happen.  But, having students talk with me develops responsibility.  Contact me if you need a hard copy of progress reports.

     EXPECTATIONS: TRY! ENJOY creating ART!! Be respectful of each other & art materials!

    COMMUNICATION:I can best be reached by e-mail at ebmiller@wsfcs.k12.nc.us 
    Visit my classroom blog:
    www.artovertime.blogspot.com to see art that is being completed in class as well as upcoming events.  This is NOT a place to keep up with assignments, but to see braggable art

    *** See GENERAL info for required materials! 
    *** See Sketchbook Assignments for links to the sketchbook assignment list