• Welcome to Mr. Melder's 8th Grade Science Class!
    Science Curriculum Mad scientist 4
    Students in science this year will study: 
    Life Science:
    Disease, Evolution and Genetics, Biotechnology Molecular Biology, Ecosystems
    Earth Science:
    The Hydrosphere, Earth History
    Physical Science:
    Matter: Properties and Change, Energy Resources
    Additionally, the skills of inquiry and technological design will be addressed throughout the year. For More information click on the following:
    Extra Help/Makeup Work
    Any student needing extra help with a difficult topic or with: makeup, missing or re-do assignments may stay with me after school. These after school sessions will be on most Thursdays or during lunch. To attend an after school session students simply need to bring in a note or send an email (no calls) from a parent or guardian by the end of homeroom on the day they are staying or anytime before.Students must be picked up by 3:00 pm or earlier. The after school session are open for the first 18 students who bring in a note and are first come first serve. The sessions are capped at 18 so that students can actually accomplish something, so I have a chance to work with each student who is here, and so that not everyone waits till the end of the marking period to come in. Don't hesitate to spend a little extra time; it will do wonders for your grade and your understanding of science.
    Please see the Power Learning/Haiku pages for homework and team information.
    Contact Info:
    Phone Number: (336) 922-1730
    Room: 703