• Welcome to my Class





              My name is Ms. Miriam Medina this is my seventh year at Meadowlark School. I have been teaching for over 32 years and each year it turns into a new learning experience, even for myself. It will truly be a pleasure to work with you and forming your child's life into becoming our future leaders. Your child will continue to develop the skills of reading, writing and math skills. Our curriculum in either course provides sufficient activities to help your child develop the skills of reading, writing and math skills.
            As of this year 2013-2014 we have been offering two levels of Exploring Life Skills I and Exploring Life Skills II. According to the level your child may be taking they will bring an outline of what will be in each level. It can also be found on classroom documents. Each marking period will be a different module for each level. The only module that is common in each Level is Interpersonal Relationships.
             Level I will cover the following: First marking period Interpersonal Relationships, Second marking period will be Interior Design, Third marking period is Nutrition and Wellness and Fourth marking period is Early Care and Education.
             Level II will cover the following: First marking period Interpersonal RelationshipsSecond marking period is Apparel, Third marking period is Foodservice and Hospitality, Fourth marking period is Personal Finance and Resource Management.
              I am always available to help you and your child with anything during the school year!
                                                                                  Ms. Medina