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    Mrs. Sicignano                                                                    North Carolina History

    8th Grade North Carolina History

    Welcome to my classroom,

     I expect we will have an excellent year!

    You will need the following: Folder,  A 5 subject vinyl cover spiral Notebook, tape, scissors, color pencils

    (at least two sets one for class and one at home) and pencil box or bag.

    The  Notebook is for the INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK, this is a very important section of the class. It must be 5 subject for the first three sections are for notes and homework, the forth section is for vocabulary and the last section is for the atlas, which is made up maps that they complete and submit and then enter in their notebooks. One subject notebooks are do not have enough sheets nor are they large enough to fit worksheets in properly. Furthermore, the five subject notebook has pockets to carry work in transit. The Cover page is test grade, this cover reflects who they are and symbols of the topic.  Here is a link to an excellent sample from a class in Va. http://www.nonags.org/members/dasaunders/other.htm   
    This will explained the concept of the notebook Interactive Notebook Explained
    We will be using our interactive notebook and computer based assignments and discussion that will be taking place. The format is still being decided.  .  The computer website and the live binder website will be very important because I will converting the classroom over to the concept of is called a Flipped Classroom.The Flipped Classroom This technique gives me as the instructor many ways to teach all types of students. More information will coming on this topic.


    This year we will cover  US/NC history spanning pre-1492 to current times.

    Skills are strongly emphasized based on the standards set by the state of North Carolina.

    The links below give you access to these goals.

    Curriculum is based on the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and Forsyth's pacing guide

     Forsyth pacing guide includes the vocabulary words

     used over the year both are found:

    Pacing Guide: 



    Spelling test: 
    ON Fridays students may have scheduled or unscheduled spelling test.

    The spelling list is simple and constant.

    Includes but not limited to the following

    1st nine weeks- continents and oceans and teacher’s names.

    2nd nine weeks- adjoining states and capitals

    3rd nine weeks- local counties and county seats

    Note I simply add to the list not take away.  Not only will you be able to spell them but also label them on a variety of maps on a consistent basis. This is designed to ensure students learn not only the spelling,but also be able to locate and label the any map. Great and helpful web sites that and will help you.

     Time Line home work assignments:  Over the year students will be given time line date assignments. They must make a letter size poster.It must be on copy paper (unlined) it must include:the date, event and a picture.The words must be large and legible. Pictures must be relevant to the topic. Somewhere on the assignment must include color. The assignment may be computer generated or hand drawn or a combination. The color can be added with a computer or with color pencils.

    Projects: we will have a variety of projects,some individual, some done in pairs and some are groups.
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