Athletic Director:  Bob Kohut
    E-mail:  bkohut@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    Our athletic program consists of soccer, volleyball, basketball, basketball, cross country, and track for 7th and 8th grade students. In addition to our interscholastic sports, students may participate in intramurals throughout the school year. Please refer to our student handbook for more information about our athletic program. 
    Our athletic program offers a Fueluptoplay60 fitness team. Fueluptoplay60 is a leadership group that meets with the athletic director where they research fitness and are encourage to log their fitness and diet into a national database. Fueluptoplay60 starts in the fall of the year. This club will participate in other activities such as collaborating with the media coordinator to create fitness commercials with the students reporting on their research. We also offer gymnastics course at MSMS and students not only participate during school hours but perform at school events and at events throughout the community.
    Be sure to listen to announcements at school and check our school calendar and website for information and updates related to athletics.
Last Modified on April 6, 2020