• Name:  John Reed
    Subject:  Exceptional Children teacher: 7th grade-inclusion
    Contact info: jreed@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
                                     phone:  (336) 703-6733
    I am here to help your children be successful in school!  7th grade may seem like the one year of middle school that is not a transition, but as parents know, everything at this time in a child's life is changing rapidly.  That is why he or she needs a lot of support, guidance, and encouragement. 
    This year, the Visionaries team will be working together, both teachers and students, to help everyone have a great year.  It is a family effort.  We also want you to be as involved as possible.  Please visit whenever you can.  Come up and see what your child and the other students are doing.  Simply visit the office upon your arrival and you will be directed where to go.  Our core classes are on the third floor, down the south wing (near the media center).  We are in rooms 309-316.
    I will be co-teaching language arts with Ms. Sabrina Bailey (room 607), on the 6th grade Toucan team during first period.  After that, I co-teach with Ms. Sarah Shaffer (room 309), on the Visonaries team.  Please refer to the schedule page for specific times. 
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