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         Mineral Springs Arts and Leadership Magnet School is dedicated to the whole child.  It is our goal to engage students using an arts-integrated approach in our lessons that includes:
    •  Learning-Focused Strategies
    •  A + principles that include Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory
    • 21st Century Skills
    • Differentiated Instruction

         Additional offerings include:

    • Specialized classes in dance, gymnastics, art, music, and theater   ( see video below)
    • Daily Live news broadcast
    • Daily Emphasis on Steven Covey's 7 Habits of the Highly Effective Teen to promote leadership skills
    • Visiting artists and authors

    Event Dates

    Theater Arts and Arts Showcase¸  December 12th at 6:00
    Magnet Fair -  Benton Convention Center  - Saturday, January 11th 10 A.M - 2 P.M
    Mary J. Naber, Media Coordinator and Star 3 Magnet Integration Facilitator
    For more information about how our magnet program is integrated throughout the school, please click the link below.  The link will lead you to Mary J. Naber's Magnet Integration Pages.  Also visit our Visiting Artists Page while you are there !