• Name:  Diane Crisler
    Subject:  6th Grade Language Arts
    Team:  Eagles
    Team Members:
                ELA:  Diane Crisler
                Math:  Jaclyn Gislit
                Social Studies:  Katie Winfrey
                Science:  Tara Martin
                EC Inclusion:  John Maniscalco
    Contact Information: dcrisler@wsfcs.k12.nc.us 
    Room: 234 
    Phone:  (336) 703-4161
    Best time to call:  12:30 to 2:30 Monday through Thursday
                                     12:30 to 1:45 Friday
    Welcome  to Mrs. Crisler's Language Arts Class!!!
         I would like to welcome all the new 6th graders to Northwest Middle School!  The faculty and staff are all pleased that you have chosen to attend Northwest because we think we have an AWESOME school!  My goal in teaching Language Arts is to help every student to be and feel successful.  In order for this to happen we all need to do our job:  My job is to prepare rigorous lessons and motivate my students to learn. The student's job is to make sure he/she completes all assignments, ask questions when he/she doesn't understand, and most importantly, have a good attitude. The parents' job is to communicate with me and  your child in order to work out any potential problems before they become huge problems.  With all of us working together with a positive attitude, this will be a great school year.
    Class Schedule
    7:00 to 7:25      Homeroom
    7:25 to 7:45      I-Read
    7:45 to 8:45      First Period
    8:47 to 9:47      Second Period
    9:49 to 10:49     Third Period
    10:51 to 12:24   Fourth Period
    11:15 to 11:35   Lunch
    12:30 to 2:00    Planning 
    First Quarter Information
    Topics of Study: 
    Main Idea
    Story Elements
    Narrative Writing
    Cereal box book report-As of September 22, students are to be reading a fiction book of their choice to use for a cereal box book report.  This book needs to be at least 150 pages and needs to be approved by Mrs. Crisler.  Students should be reading this book at home; the reading of the book needs to be finished by October 19.  On October 19, Mrs. Crisler will give the students the instructions for completing their book reports.  Students will need to have a regular size cereal box, which is wrapped like a present, to use for their book report.
    Supplies for class:
    1-2 inch three ring binder
    Wide rule loose leaf paper
    5 subject dividers
    2 composition books
    Plenty of sharpened pencils
    Colored pencils, crayons, or marker
    3 x 5 index cards
    $4.00 to pay for Time for Kids subscription 
    Grading Procedures:
    Students are graded in four main areas:  Classwork 25%, Homework 10%, Quizzes 30%, and Tests/Projects 35%. 
    Students will have Language Arts homework Monday through Thursday. At this time (beginning Sept. 22), students are to be reading a realistic fiction book that is to be used for their cereal box book report.  This book should be read at home.  The due date to have this book finished is Monday, October 19.)
    During homeroom, all students are required to write homework assignments for the day in their agendas.  Homework assignments for each teacher are written on the white board in every team teacher's classroom.
    Late Work Policy:
    Late work is accepted, however, ten points will be deducted from the grade for each day that the assignment is late.
    Team tutoring will be available on Wednesday from 2:00 until 3:30.  Students must have a signed permission form to attend.