• Dear Parents and Family of the 6th Grade Eagles,

    Welcome to the Eagles team! My name is Mrs. Katie Winfrey and I am the Social Studies teacher for the Eagles. We are going to have a great year! It already appears like we have a superb group of kids joining the Eagles this year. I am very excited about what this group of young adults will accomplish this year.

    What Are We Going to Be Doing?

                This year your student will be learning World History focusing on the Ancient Civilizations of the world! We will start with Human Geography before moving into Early Humans and the Rise of Civilization. Through the year we will travel through early history all the way to Medieval Europe which is where our year will end. Our social studies units will cover historical time periods from every continent!

                Your student will rarely have homework for Social Studies. If we start an activity in class and don’t have time to finish in class your student may be asked to finish it for homework. They will be expected to study for any quizzes or tests for homework or work on a project. Your student will have regular homework in Language Arts and Math and so therefore I do not assign nightly homework.

                Your student will be provided opportunities to reflect upon current events through the news programs, Channel One News and CNN Student News. Both of these programs are on the Web. This will serve as our daily warm-up as the students will complete an assignment after viewing the news. The assignment could be to answer a few questions, to write a summary of the program, or to tell how one of the stories connects to your life. (This also reinforces skills they learn in Language Arts!)

    Students will be given a comprehensive Social Studies exam in November by Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools. A state comprehensive exam will be given at the end of the year. Students are expected to participate daily in class by doing the lessons provided by the teacher.

    The following units will be taught in Social Studies this year:

    First Semester:                                                                      Second Semester:

    World Geography                                                                   Civilizations of Africa

    Early Humans & Rise of Civilization                                          Early Americas

    Middle East & Ancient Egypt                                                   India

    Ancient Greece                                                                       China

    Ancient Rome                                                                         Japan

    Islam and Muslim Empires                                                    Medieval Europe


     *Grading Policy
    A- 100-93
    F-69 and below 
    Social Studies State Common Core Standards  - When you click the hyperlink to the left it takes you to the Social Studies information page. Click the link on the left hand side of the screen that says "6-8 Curriculum guides" to access the Social Studies Pacing Guide.

    Classroom Rules &Expectations

                On the Eagles team we follow the rules set forth by Northwest Middle. We have a Positive Behavior Support Program, which focuses on rewarding kids for good behavior rather than punishing them for bad behavior. We, Eagles believe in rewarding good behavior!  If your student is absent they will need to provide proper notification when they return to school. Your student is also expected to make up the work they miss. I keep a “While you were out” binder at the front of my room where students can retrieve work they have missed.

    The rules and expectations for my classroom go hand in hand with the rules for all Eagles.

    1. Be respectful of the teacher, your fellow students, and yourself at all times.

    2. Stay seated while the teacher is teaching. Getting a Kleenex or sharpening your pencil should be done at appropriate times. An appropriate time is when you are doing independent or group work, not during instruction.

    3. Raise your hand to speak.

    4. Most importantly, let the teacher teach and let your fellow students learn.

    My Classroom

                In my class students will work in cooperative pairs and cooperative groups many times a week. Each student will have a role to play in that group; they can be the Coach, Checker, Reader, Recorder, or Quiet Captain. Each quarter the groups will change and the students have a chance to change their role.

                Each Wednesday your student will bring home a VIP folder. In this folder are all of the assignments your student has completed that week. This is also the way that we send any forms or other types of communications home to you; so be on the lookout for this folder.

     Students are in core classes from 7:25 until 12:24. They then go to their Encore classes. At this time I have planning. This time or after school is the best time to contact me by phone call.
     The Eagles team are currently tutoring interested students on Wednesdays from 2:00- 3:30. If you are interested in having your child stay for this opportunity please contact one of the Eagles teachers. 

               ** I look forward to this year with your student. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


    Feel free to contact me:
    Rm 231


Last Modified on October 9, 2014