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    Name:LaVerne Brown
    Athletic Director
    Health/Physical Education
    (336) 703-4161
    I am  a graduate of Winston Salem State University .I am passionate about teaching and moving students to higher levels of fitness and physical well being  to help improve the quality of life.
    Students are expected to  participate everyday.
    Students are to dress out at all times in appropriate uniforms.
    Points will be deducted for failure to wear correct uniform , not totally dressed in correct attire , not wearing appropriate shoes .
    Students are to be on time for class,be courteous,respectable and to follow the "FALCON 4 AND EXPECTATIONS OF NORTHWEST".
    Parents- an excuse is needed if you prefer your child not participate in physical education due to illness,injury,or other unforeseen cicumstances. 
    LOST LOCK  $4.00
     1st                      7:48-8:33
     2nd                    8:36-9:21
    BREAK               9:21-9:50
    3RD                     9:50-10:35
    4TH                     10:38-11:23
    5TH                     12:27-1:12
    6TH                     1:15-2:00