• Name: Leslie Dunbar
    Subject: 8th Grade Math & Math 1
    Welcome to the beginning of a new school year!  You will learn what is expected of you in math class this year.  We will be spending time this quarter helping you to meet the expectations I have for your achievement and success in math.  Hopefully you will realize the importance of doing your homework each night.  Homework is the practice of the skills we are learning in class.  Without practice, it is hard to master the skills!  You also need to be in class each day and be completing all assignments promptly.  Your success depends on it!!  We move through material too quickly for you to be absent and then not promptly make up the work missed.  
    Check out the online sites for Math listed at the left to review your math skills and practice concepts you are having trouble with in class!
    For my class you will need a composition notebook, loose-leaf paper, graph paper and pencils (no pens). A binder or trapper keeper, with dividers, to clip papers into.
    Try to keep up with your Homework. It is essential practice for current and review skills.

    Contact information:
    School phone 336-703-4161 
    My planning is from 9:50 - 11:23am each day.
    Tutoring is offered on Wednesdays after school.  Rides by 3:00.

    MATH HOMEWORK IS AVAILABLE ON THE CLASSROOM CALENDAR LINK ON THE LEFT MENU BAR!  Click on the title "MATH HOMEWORK" for the date you are looking at, and the detail page will open up.


    1. Be in class, on time, each day. We cover too much material for you to be tardy or absent and miss instruction.
    2. Be prepared. You need your math notebook, loose-leaf paper and pencil every day. NO WORK SHOULD BE DONE IN PEN!!!!!
    3. Pencils are to be sharpened at the beginning of class only. Do not interrupt class because you don't have a spare. Be prepared!!
    4. Use appropriate classroom manners: Remain seated, raise hand for permission to speak, show respect for your classmates and teachers.
    5. Do your homework before you come to class. Homework is a practice of skills we are learning. No practice, No learning! Homework must show all work and be complete. All homework counts towards your homework grade. You will receive a percentage grade each week for the homework that you turn in on time and complete. Homework that does not show work (as demonstrated in class) will be returned to you to complete, and turn in again to receive credit.
    6. When you are absent, you must check the folder for your class period. The work needs to be turned in promptly according to school board guidelines. Work not made up will be given a zero. Tests are to be made up after school. Class time is not used for make-up work!


    Rams Daily Schedule


    7:00 – 7:25  Homeroom


    7:25 – 7:45  iRead


    7:45 – 8:45  1st Period


    8:47 – 9:47  2nd Period


    9:50 – 10:35  3rd Period/Encore


    10:38 – 11:23  4th Period/Encore


    11:26 – 12:58  5th Period/Lunch


    1:00 – 2:00  6th Period