Paisley IB School

    1394 Thurmond Avenue

    Winston-Salem, NC 27105


    Paisley IB School has been authorized since 2004 to offer the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program

    serving grades six through ten (Years I-V)


    • To provide access to an internationally recognized academic program for curious and motivated students
    • To stimulate and strengthen students' curiosity
    • To teach students to recognize relationships between school subjects and the outside world
    • To foster students’ ability to combine knowledge, experience, observation and critical thinking
    • To foster students’ growth toward self-reliance and responsible participation


    SCHOOL AND THE COMMUNITY - Paisley is located in the heart of Forsyth County and has proudly served Winston-Salem since it initially opened in 1959 as one of the city’s four African American high schools.  Students at Paisley have a wide range of academic choices and a niche for every talent and interest.  We strongly believe in the education of the whole child and encourage participation in extracurricular activities.  Among our strengths are high standards, a diverse student population, and strong parental support.  Paisley has been recognized for contributions made in a variety of academic endeavors as well as for the continued contribution to public education and cultural life on an international level.


    COMMUNITY SERVICE - International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IBMYP) students are required to complete a total of 150 hours of community service over the five year continuum to successfully complete the IB MYP. Overall, students volunteer in a variety of community projects throughout the year.


    PERSONAL PROJECT - The personal project is a significant body of work begun during the fourth quarter of Year IV (9th grade year) and completed by the third quarter of Year V (10th grade year).  It is a product of the student’s own initiative and reflects the learning experiences of the student in the Middle Years Programme (MYP).   All students participating in the IBMYP must complete a Personal Project. This is an amazing opportunity for students to use their passion to make a difference in themselves and the community. Examples of past projects include aid concerts, community 5Ks, outstanding performing and visual art creations, pulications of poetry, and even creation of function learning websites.


    COURSE LEVELS - Course content, pace and academic rigor follow standards specified by the NC Standard Course of Study and the International Baccalaureate Curriculum Guides. Students in Years I-III may earn four high school credits during the middle school years.  Language and Literature, Science, Individuals and Societies, Math and most electives in Years IV and V are taught at the Honors Level.  Language Acquisition III is taught at Honors level in Year V.


    ASSESSMENT and the IB MYPIn addition to assessing student growth on the NC Standard Course of Study, the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) requires that the work of MYP students is internally assessed by teachers.  The MYP identifies a set of objectives for each subject group, which is directly related to the assessment criteria of that particular subject group.  Additionally, external assessment by IBO is conducted annually for the Personal Project in conjunction with every five years by on-site IBO evaluators. Assessments become part of the student’s high school record and are an indicator of preparedness for the IB Diploma Programme offered in grades 11-12 at Parkland High School. 


    ADMINISTRATION                         (336) 703-4168                    STUDENT SERVICES (336) 703-4169

    FAX                                                     (336)-723-6045

    Principal: Dr. Randy Mann

    Assistant Principals: Christie Brown, Cam Downing 

    IB Coordinator:  Erin Knapp        

    Counselors: Maria Watkins & Tanya Neal





                                     Biology                 English II               Math I    

    Paisley                   90%                        >95%                     80%      

    District                   48.5                        56.4                        60.7

    State                       53.7                        59.6                        59.8




    SCHOOL SIZE                   Year 1                   Year 2                   Year 3                   Year 4                   Year 5

                                                    295                        255                         245                         60                           50




    EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES include Youth and Government, National Academic League, Drama Club Art Club, Crosby Scholars, Student Council, Yearbook, Battle of the Books, Mock Trial, National Honor Society, Robotics


    SPORTS- Students in Years II-III compete against middle school teams in volleyball, basketball, soccer, and track. Students in Years IV-V may participate in athletics at their residential school or at Parkland IB High School. Students participate in swimming, cheerleading, football, baseball, lacrosse, cross country, tennis, track, field hockey, basketball, volleyball, and marching band. 


    RANK IN CLASS – is computed at the end of Year IV and Year V and is based on Weighted G.P.A.

    Weighted grade point average (QPA) is calculated giving extra point value for marks earned based on the curriculum level of the course.


    UNWEIGHTED GPA                                       WEIGHTED GPA (Q.P.A.)

    A = 4                                                                      Standard                               Honors           AP/IB

    B = 3                                                                        A            4                             4.5                          5             

    C = 2                                                                        B            3                             3.5                          4

    D = 1                                                                        C            2                             2.5                          3

                                                                                     D            1                             1.5                          2


    IB MYP Certificate of Achievement- Requirements for Paisley's IB MYP Certificate of Achievement include completing and reflecting on 30 hours of community service each year, completing and passing classes in eight subject areas, completing and presenting a personal project during Year IV/V with a minimum of 3/7 points.


    PAISLEY ALUMNI-Students completing Math I before Year IV may continue in the IB program at Paisley through Years IV and V (9th and 10th grade). Over 80% of the students who complete the IBMYP Program successfully continue in the IB Diploma at Parkland. Additionally, students attending their home school instead of continuing with the IB Diploma Programme are well prepared to enroll in Advanced Placement and Honors classes.


    NORTH CAROLINA COURSE OF STUDY                                               MARKS

    English                   4 units                    Social Studies       4 units                    A= Superior           (90-100)

    Math                       4 units                    Science                 4 units                    B=Good                 (80-89)

    Foreign Lang          2 units                    PE                         1 unit                     C=Satisfactory       (70-79)

    Health                    .5 units                    Life Skills             5 units                   D=Poor                  (60-69)

    Electives                 4 units                                                                                F=Failing               (59 or below)



    Year IV

    IB MYP Lang. and Lit /English I

    IB MYP Math II

    IB MYP Math III

    IB MYP World History

    IB MYP Biology

    IB MYP Language Acquisition II (Latin, French, German, Spanish)

    Physical Education I/ Life Management


    Year V

    IB MYP Lang. and Lit/English II

    IB MYP Math III

    IB MYP Pre-calculus

    IB MYP Civics and Economics               

    IB MYP Chemistry

    IB MYP Language Acquisition III

     (Latin, French, German, Spanish)

    Physical Education II /Health



    IB MYP Art            

    IBMYP Band

    IB MYP Orchestra


    World Humanities






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