Welcome to Paisley IB Magnet School!  Home of the Paisley Panthers, Paisley IB has a diverse student body and faculty with a common interest in learning about the world in which we live, embracing rigor and academic challenges.  We are committed to the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP), focusing our curriculum on the five IB Areas of Interaction: Approaches to Learning; Community and Service; Human Ingenuity; Environment; Health and Social Education.   

    At Paisley IB, all students in Years I through V (grades 6 - 10) must take a Language B (foreign language) course each year, as well as classes in the visual or performing arts.  Paisley offers Language B classes in German, Spanish, Latin, and French.  Our students take challenging math classes beginning in Year I, leading them to all Honors level classes in Years IV and V in their core subject areas.  By the completion of Year III (grade 8), many of our students have completed Geometry or Integrated Math II and have earned a high school credit for Earth and Environmental Science. 

    Our students are required to earn Community and Service hours beginning in Year I, increasing incrementally through Year V.  In Year V Paisley IB students complete a Personal Project in order to qualify for the MYP Certificate.  This Project is the culmination of research and documentation of an area of interest.  More than just a research paper, the Personal Project requires presentation and marketing skills and must meet IB requirements.  Year V students meet with their Project Advisor and must meet the IB standards and pass a faculty review committee. 

    Paisley students also participate in a multitude of extracurricular activities, including Robotics, Chess Club, Youth & Government, Model UN, National Academic League, Science Olympiad, National Junior Honor Society, Debate, and Drama, to name a few.  In the athletics area, our students are involved in basketball, track, soccer, volleyball, and cheerleading.   

    "International mindedness" is an IB goal for students.  Part of that development includes domestic as well as international opportunities for travel.  At Paisley our students have the opportunity to participate in a study trip to Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama.  Year III students visit Camp Don Lee. Years IV and V students travel to New York City and Washington, DC.  Students in Years III, IV, and V also have the opportunity to travel abroad.  Past destinations include Greece, England, Germany, France, and Italy.  Students traveled to Spain during spring break and China in June 2012.  A June trip to Ireland is planned for 2013. 

Last Modified on June 1, 2012