• Name: Christine Scott
    Subject: Science
    Contact info: clscott@wsfcs.k12.nc.us or leave me a message at 336-703-4168.
    General Information

    Scientists must collaborate with other individuals.  This is true in my classroom and in the field around the world. Click on the following link (http://undsci.berkeley.edu/article/0_0_0/socialsideofscience_02) to read about some of the benefits of working together.  Students will be assigned to a group.  Groups will work together on a daily basis.  Most projects will be group based.  Grades for projects will be a combination of individual project explanations, individual project reflections, and final group product.  Due to this most projects will be completed in class.

    I want my classroom to be a fun, but safe, learning environment. Students will be required to know safety rules and how to use all classroom safety equipment.  I take safety very seriously and will remove any student from the classroom who does not follow safety rules.  If this happens, they will have earned an alternate assignment and appropriate disciplinary action.  It is only because my students follow these safety rules that we can do fun hands-on experiments. 

    Please bring your Science INB and pencils to class daily.

    Interactive Science Notebooks

    Communicating scientific ideas, both verbally and in writing, will be essential to success.  Scientists must keep detailed records of ideas, experiments, and results.  With this in mind, I require students to keep an interactive science notebook.  We will work together to help students learn how to keep this organized.  For this interactive notebook, students will need a folder (the kind with prongs to hold in the pages).  Student notebooks must be brought to class daily.   Interactive notebooks are where students record their experiences in class.  We use them like a scientist would – before, during, and after all investigations.  This is the place where students will formulate and record their questions, claims, predictions, data, procedures, and results.  In their notebooks they will also compose reflections, communicate findings, and plan out projects as they record all the new concepts they will learn.


    Students will be using technology tools in and out of class.  They will be required to adhere to the WSFCS policy for all schoolwork. We will be using Class Dojo and other Internet based tools throughout the school year.  You will receive additional information about this at the beginning of the year.



    Is offered from 3:00 - 3:50 pm every Wednesday.  Please send a permission note/email to me at least a day in advance.  Students must have a ride home promptly at 4:00 to be allowed to stay. 
    Absent & Late Work:
    Absent Work - Students are responsible for finding out what they missed while absent.  Please see the homework calendar for assistance.  Classwork is also listed on this calendar along with all handouts, directions, and websites for students who need additional help on the current topic.  Students have one day for each day out to complete work.  After this amount of time work will be considered late unless other arrangements have previously been made with me for a specific reason such as an extended absence.
    Late Work - It is important for students to complete homework on time in order to be prepared for the next days class.  Students who do not turn in the work on time will receive a 55 for the homework grade (a small percentage of the overall grade at the end of the quarter) but will be asked to complete the work and turn it in late for a change in the overall INB grade (a large percentage of the overall grade at the end of the quarter - as big as a test grade).

    Student progress will be assessed using a variety of methods.  Starting in September for each of the units above students can expect to have homework, classwork, quizzes/test, writing assignments, and a unit project.  Detailed information will be provided in class and on my school website at the beginning of the unit.

    We will be following the Winston-Salem Forsyth County School system grading scale.  All work that receives a D/F is required to be reworked, improved, and resubmitted.  Students have one week from the time work is returned to them to resubmit it for a rework grade.  The WSFCS grading scale is listed below.

    A = 100-90
    B = 90-80
    C = 80-70
    D = 70-60
    F = 59.4 and lower
    Be in the right place
    Doing the right thing
    At the right time
    With the right people
    ClassDO YOUR BEST!
    1. Be respectful: to yourself, your classmates, school employees, and visitors
    2. Be Prepared: to participate, work, give answers, ask questions, suceed
    3. Work Hard: don't quit, try ask for help and try again, rework low grades, turn in work
    Wednesday Packets
    Parents, please sign the Wednesday packet folder after reading the enclosed information. Several papers require signatures and personal information. Please sign and return those by your child.  
    Student Fees
    Fees should be sent by check or cash to your child's homebase teacher. You may also pay online. Information on how to pay online is provided in the first Wednesday packet.  Student fees are $3.50 per child.
    Agenda book $3.00
    Lock rental  $0.50
    **Lost lock replacement fee $4.50**