• Joyce Munro
    EC 6,7,8
     7034168 (leave a message) till 4:00 or jmunro@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    This year we will be working with the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade classes. The Classroom Expectations are that students learn to be, work, and act independently without constantly looking for teacher or adult reinforcement. The students will still be expected to bring supplies to school everyday. A pencil and paper are required daily.
    Tutoring is avaliable on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon 3:00-4:00. Students need to let me know the day before they plan to come that they are coming in case there is a meeting or appointment I have to get to.
    Students will never be without homework. There is always something to study, discuss with you, or read. Reading can be from the paper, a magazine, or their textbook. Summarizing what they have read and self-generating questions as they read will help them better understand what they have read.
    This year is designed to help students to become more independent. Enjoy!cat writing on paper at desk