• Name:  Mrs. Cox    Paisley IB  MYP Magnet School
    Subjects:   Humanities Year IV and V
                             WHAP IV    Advanced Placement World History
                             Honors  World History IB MYP   IV
                            Civics/Economics  Honors IB MYP  V
                            Honors World Humanities  IV and V ( Returns 2016-2017)
                            Psychology IV and V 
       Tutoring Day-  Wednesday from 3- 3:50 pm.  Must be picked up promptly by 4 pm.
      Mock Trial meets on Wednesdays in Pod 6, 3-3:50 pm. High School only.                          
     "We are all intellectuals with many ideas, questions and concerns about our world, but it is up to us to find answers that help us understand personally and as a part of the world today."  L.Cox 2011
    Contact info:   ltcox@wsfcs.k12.nc.us   336-703-4168
     Academic year 2015-2016
    You will find your assignments on the calendar page for your subject.
    Documents of all types labeled for each class.
    WHAP files denote AP World History
    WHIB  files denote IB MYP World History
    CEIB files denote IB MYP Civics/Economics
    CWH  files denote Honors World Humanities
    PSYIBH files denote Honors Psychology
    Students if you loose a copy of an assignment that can not be posted on the calendar page please notify me ASAP, so that I may assist you ASAP.
    A few extra copies are always in the metal tray.  If you get the last copy please let me know.
    Late work is defined as any assignment that is not turned in at the beginning of each class or when requested by the teacher.
    • Day 1   5 points deducted
    • Day 2 10 points deducted
    • Day 3  15 points deducted
    • Day 4  20 points deducted
    Final score is based on correct responses with late points deducted.
    After 5 days late the assignment has a maximum score of 50 with correct answers.
    Assignments that are late due to an excused absence are not assessed late points unless the assignments are turned in after the allotted time.  Policy states one extra day for each day of excused absence.
    Class Wish List:
    Antibacterial Soap
    Bold colored index cards   both sizes  3 by 5   and 4 by 6
    All students will receive community and service hours for donations.
    Students and parents should be sure to contact me via email with any questions or concerns.   If  you want to schedule a conference please send a request by email or call the school and leave  a message. We prefer do have conferences before school or during our planning time.  We will set up conferences for right after school if that is the only option.
    Students earn grades, teachers only put the scores made by the students in the grade book.  If you want to achieve a different score change the choices you have been making in that class.  You and only you hold the key to your success.  Teachers just open the door to learning, it is your choice to walk through that door.
    Class Expectations
    Come to class daily with all the necessary supplies:  Pencils, paper, composition books, erasers, appropriate textbook for the class period, any homework assigned  from the prior day.
    1. Respect everyone and their belongings.
    2. No chewing.
    3.  Listen to teacher always.
    4. Respect yourself.
    5. Be prepared.
    6. Be polite.
    7. Be prompt.
    Remember students, your job  is to be a great student. The more you learn the more prepared you are for the future . One day you will spend your day at a paying job, I know you want to learn all the possible skills to support your career of choice
    • Prepare yourself for anything and then your choices will be limitless. 
    • Happiness with success, knows no boundaries if you have many choices.
    91-100   = A
    81-90= B
    71-80  =C
    61-70  =D
    60 and lower = F
    Your projects and some assignments will be graded on rubrics . You will receive rubrics as needed.  The conversion grades from the rubric to the list above will be included with each rubric.
    Grading Weights and Categories  ( Humanities- World History, Civics/Economics, WHAP, World Humanities)
    Test/Projects/Seminars 30%
    Classwork 25%
    Quizzes 25%
    Homework 20 %
    You must be at school to learn.  However, we all get sick.  Please be sure to bring a note for each absence so that we may excuse the absence.  Be aware that tardies to class are also not acceptable.  Please also be aware that high school students have different attendance requirements.  Ten tardies equal one absence.