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    Name: Lee Matthews rlmatthews@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    Subject: Individuals and Societies Year III (8th Grade)
     Parents and students all of my information and updates are now on my Haiku page. I no longer update this page. 
       Hello I am Lee Matthews a Yr III Individuals and Societies teacher. The area of focus is North Carolina History and its role in United States History. I look forward to teaching your student in a fun/ educationally challenging classroom  this year. Please e-mail me with any ideas or concerns you might have during the school year. You are always welcome to visit my classroom. Thank you for all you do in preparing your student for a great educational experience at Paisley IB Magnet School. Please check items currently listed under Classroom Documents to help prepare your student for the 1st Qtr. 
    Classroom Expectations: I expect all assignments to be completed and turned in on time unless student/parent have communicated with me before the due date. Late work will be evaluated/graded on an individual basis after a conference with the student. If a student is absent they should check my website calendar for posted assignments on the date of their absence and should complete assignments before returning to class. For class students will need paper, pencils for note taking, a spiral notebook for vocabulary, unit EQs and lesson EQs. Students will need a thumb drive for research.
    Classroom Rule:  Do not obstruct or hinder your fellow students’ opportunity to learn
    Grading Policy: Homework--10%, Classwork/Labs--40%, Quizzes--20% and Test/Projects--30% (Projects count as three (3) test grades).
    Attendance: All students are expected to be in their seats and ready at the start of class.
    Year III Project: The Year III Project is a yearlong interdisciplinary  project that will be broken out by quarters. Because it is a long term project each quarter will be weighted (graded) as three (3) test/project grades for Individuals and Societies (other core teachers will assign their own grade weights and parts to the project). All essays for the project will be submitted electronically through the Internet (Edmodo) or at other core teachers direction. If your student does not have access to the Internet for research they will need to be prepared to stay after school to work on the project.  I will not except paper copies or handwritten essays unless directed by the teacher . It is very important that your student complete all aspects (parts) of the project each quarter for all of their core teachers. The project will help in preparing all students for end-of-year testing in all core subjects.
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    Tutoring Day is on Thursdays from 3-4pm. Students need to be picked up by 4:15pm.