• World (Foreign) Language

    Lead with Languages!  See ACTFL's advocacy video and campaign information at www.leadwithlanguages.org
    The WS/FC School system is a leader in North Carolina with regard to World Language education.  At the elementary level, Spanish immersion is available at Ashley, Smith Farm, and Speas Elementary schools.  Chinese immersion is available at Konnoak Elementary. All students are able to begin studying a language in 6th grade and can continue with that language through 12th grade.  Available languages include Spanish, French, Latin, and German. In addition to the middle school options, Chinese, Japanese, and American Sign Language are choices for high school students. Spanish for Native Speakers is also available at middle and high school. See this bulletin to learn more about Foreign Language in WS/FCS, and why learning another language is so important.
    The WS/FCS received the Melba D. Woodruff Award for Exemplary Elementary Foreign Language Programs at the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language convention in 2007. This was now several years ago, but we are still very proud of this accomplishment! The WS/FCS elementary program was nominated by the Foreign Language Association of NC for this prestigious national award. Congratulations to the elementary foreign language teachers, and thank you for all of your hard work!